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Where can I order Certified by Volvo Inspection Checklists and other marketing materials?


The new Certified by Volvo 170+ point inspection checklist is available for order through the Content Store. The content store can be accessed through the Volvo Cars Portal. You’ll find assets like inspection checklists, window clings, showroom plates, brochures, and much more!

For additional instruction, please access this quick reference card: Ordering Sales and Marketing Materials.

How do I print a copy of the Certified by Volvo warranty?

To ensure that customers are aware of the coverage included with Certified vehicles, retailers must provide a copy of the warranty with each Certified vehicle sale.  To print the warranty, simply select “Print Certified Warranty” link from within the Used Car Reporting system.  Consult page 8 of the Used Cars User Guide for detailed instructions. 

What components does the Certified by Volvo warranty cover?

The Certified by Volvo warranty is exclusionary in nature, meaning it covers all components of the vehicle that are not specifically excluded.  Exclusionary coverage is generally considered the most comprehensive warranty type.  The coverage mirrors the coverage offered through the previous Certified Pre-owned warranty – the only difference is the coverage term.  For additional details regarding coverage, please refer to Certifed by Volvo Limited Warranty Coverage QRC.

Where do I get more information on the Volvo VIP Service Contracts?

Refer to the most recent VIP Service Contract Brochure Link

Contact your VCFS Market Manager for more information.

Is the new 5-year, unlimited mile warranty transferable?

Yes.  The Certified by Volvo warranty is transferable at no cost.  Retailers will not be assessed certification fees when reselling units that were previously sold as Certified.

What is the Certified by Volvo T3 Advertising Toolkit and where can I find it?

The toolkit is designed to help retailers promote the new Certified by Volvo program and includes banners, social, newspaper, email, :15/:30 second films, and direct mail assets that can be customized for a number of different marketing applications.  To access these resources, navigate to the Content Store via the Volvo Cars Portal, simply select the ‘mega nav’ button in the upper left hand corner next to Home, and then select Content Store under the third party links column.  From there, select “Tools”, then “Smart Access”, then “Access US Assets”. 

Where can I find Certified by Volvo showroom marketing materials?

Retailers will be receiving a kit including mirror hangers, window clings, and showroom plates addressed to the General Manager, arriving by 10/31/18.  Additional supplies of these materials may be ordered through the Content Store starting on November 1st. 

To reach the Content Store via the Volvo Cars Portal, simply select the ‘mega nav’ button in the upper left hand corner next to Home, and then select Content Store under the third party links column.  From there, select “Tools”, then “Shop”, and then “Certified by Volvo”.


I noticed that the Certified by Volvo retailer bulletin only mentions CARFAX vehicle history reports (VHR), can I use an alternate VHR provider?

We strongly recommend CARFAX.  We use CARFAX exclusively on our side to screen for vehicle history eligibility.  If a retailer runs a non-CARFAX VHR and the unit appears to be certification eligible, but information on CARFAX indicates otherwise, the retailer will be responsible for cancelling the RDR (if unit was sold), removing certification and rectifying the situation with the customer. 

We have had a number of issues recently where a unit had a clean VHR from another provider but had ineligible history on the CARFAX (frame/structural damage/odometer discrepancy/etc).  We are trying to minimize this type of situation in the future. 

How may I obtain pricing for the new VIP service contracts?

Pricing may be obtained through the JM&A AutoRates system – please contact your VCFS Market Manager for additional details.

When will the new inspection checklists and the updated inspection handbook become available?

The checklists are now available for order via the Content Store and the new Inspection Handbook will available by approximately November 16th.  Retailers may continue to use the current version of the checklist until their supplies are depleted.

Will units with accident damage be eligible for certification?

It depends.  Anytime a retailer is made aware of accident damage, whether it’s visible or indicated on a vehicle history report, the retailer must inspect the vehicle to ensure that the safety and integrity of the vehicle remains intact, and to the best of their ability that genuine parts were used in the repair.  If the retailer completes this inspection and determines that the vehicle meets those eligibility standards, it can be certified so long as it does not have any title/vehicle history indicators that deem it ineligible (i.e. frame/structural damage, Lemon Law buybacks, fire/flood damage, etc.) – please see Inspection Handbook for complete list of eligibility standards and disqualifiers.

Will the 7-year/100k mile CPO warranty be available for sale after 11/1/18?

No.  Any unit RDR’d as certified on/after 11/1/18 will receive the new program.  The only exception to the above are certified units that were previously sold as certified prior to 11/1/18.  Because the CPO warranty is transferable, and these units were previously RDR’d as CPO, they will retain their 7/100k warranty when resold even when those subsequent sales occur after 11/1/18.

If I acquire a vehicle that was previously sold as Certified by Volvo at auction, is it still Certified?

Yes. Once a Volvo is Certified, that certification stays with the vehicle until it expires through time or mileage. You’ll need to complete a Certification Inspection Checklist as well as an oil and filter change (at a minimum).

I’ve had a Certified by Volvo vehicle in inventory for 190 days. Do I need to re-inspect it?

Yes. Certified vehicles that have been in your inventory for over 180 days must be re-inspected.

One of your materials read "Certified vehicles in retail inventory for over 180 days must be re-inspected. These cars will still be shown as certified in the UCR system but will not be communicated to third-party sites until they have been re-certified." Does this mean the retailer will have to pay another Volvo Certification Charge to re-certify the car or just pay for the inspection only?

On the 181st day that a Certified by Volvo vehicle is in inventory, it would need to go through the certification and inspection process. Once complete, the inventory flag would have to be reset to Certified by Volvo for that vehicle. The only cost associated would be the internal certification and inspection cost at the dealership. The Volvo Certification Charge is only applied once the vehicle is actually retailed. In short, the retailer would not have to pay the Volvo Certification twice on this vehicle.

How/Where can one reprint the Certified by Volvo customer window label (Window Sticker)?

In the Used Car Reporting System, a request for a Certified by Volvo window label is automatically generated when:

  • A vehicle is first marked as Certified by Volvo
  • Every time the price for a Certified by Volvo vehicle changes
  • If the price is changed (and changed back again)

In all of these cases, a window label request will be generated only if the vehicle is still in used car inventory at the end of the day.

Is the Certified by Volvo warranty only good in the USA, or is it good in Canada as well?

The warranty is NOT offered in Canada; however, if a vehicle needs to go to an authorized retailer for repairs while in Canada, the warranty will be honored.

Are repairs guaranteed for life if repaired under a Certified by Volvo warranty?

Parts replaced under a Certified by Volvo warranty claim do not fall under the lifetime guarantee.

To be eligible for Certification, must the vehicle be equipped with OEM brake pads and rotors?

Yes, OEM brake pads and rotors are required for Certification.

I accidentally entered the wrong VIN for a Certified by Volvo vehicle. I was unable to remove it so I moved the incorrect vehicle to wholesale instead. When I attempted to enter the vehicle again with the correct VIN, I was unable to do so because I used the same stock number. How should I proceed?

The system will not allow you to reuse a stock number, even if you no longer have the vehicle or it is in wholesale, as in this case. To correct this issue, adjust the stock number by adding an additional letter so it is unique from the previous entry.

Do Certified by Volvo vehicles require a full tank of fuel at time of delivery?

Yes, the certified vehicle should be delivered to the customer with a full tank of fuel. Volvo aims to provide a great customer experience and exceed expectations.

Is roadside assistance covered under the Certified by Volvo warranty?

Yes, roadside assistance is included during the Certified by Volvo warranty period.

How do I get my Certified by Volvo vehicles to post on my Website?

For questions related to website vehicle inventory, please refer to the Certified by Volvo Operations Guide for additional information about managing your certified inventory. 

Does the Certified by Volvo warranty cover resealing of a windshield?

If so, while resealing, who pays for windshield?

Repairs/replacement/resealing of windshields are not covered under the Certified by Volvo warranty.

Can I replace a windshield in a Certified by Volvo vehicle with aftermarket?

A Volvo windshield must be installed in a Certified by Volvo vehicle in order for the vehicle to meet the Certified by Volvo program certification requirements.

Are there different Retailer certification costs dependent on vehicle model?

At this time, we do not adjust pricing by model.

How do you enter a retired demo under the Certified by Volvo program?

Step 1: Add the Certified by Volvo warranty to the vehicle in the used car system. Click the “Update Used Car” link, select “Yes” under the certified question and complete all of the details related to the certification (Inspection Date, RO#, RO$, Technician, etc.)

Step 2: Complete the second handover in VISTA (instructions can be found under Resourses)

Where can I order additional Inspection Report pads?

Materials are located for order in the Content Store under the CPO materials folder.

To reach the Content Store via the Volvo Cars Portal, simply select the ‘mega nav’ button in the upper left hand corner next to Home, then select Content Store under the third party links column.  From there, select “Tools”, then “Shop”, and then “Certified by Volvo”.

Does a Certified by Volvo vehicle come with a Volvo On Call trial or must it be renewed for a cost to the customer?

Currently our Certified by Volvo program does not include a subscription to Volvo On Call Telematics Service. However, we are exploring adding Volvo On Call and a few other options as we look to enhance the program later this year.

Are shocks for the rear power tailgate covered under CPO? 

Shocks in the rear suspension of the car are excluded under the terms of Certified by Volvo warranty, with the intent to exclude consumable items. Tailgate shocks, pistons, struts as they are referred are not excluded umber the terms of the Certified by Volvo warranty.

Where do I order new Certified by Volvo T3 Marketing Toolkits and showroom marketing materials? 

Certified by Volvo marketing materials can be ordered through the Content Store. Click on the application menu, the content store will be listed under the third party link column. Once in the Content Store, click tools (in the top right banner), click on shop, then click on the CPO folder. The updated inspection forms will be available approximately November 1st – until then we are encouraging retailers to use up their current supply.

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